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Excel Tip: Change Text with Replace Formula

This is a quick technique to find and replace text within an Excel file.  For instance, if you need to add an change a Last name used in your Excel file, rather than scrolling down lines of text, this simple formula can do it for you. Change Text  

Excel Tip of the Week – Drop Boxes (a way for more options)

I was working on a budget spreadsheet this week and wanted to give the client a way to choice a percentage of markup for different scenarios.  Rather then having several spreadsheets, I input a dropbox.  Now all they have to do is select a new percent increase and watch the changes to the entire spreadsheet.  […]

Are iPads Taxable to Employees?

The IRS has informally indicated that iPads and other tablets will be treated like cell phones when employers provide them to employees.  Thus, employees won’t be taxed on the value of personal use, as long as the devices are provided primarily for business reasons rather than as a form of compensation.  Similarly, reimbursements made by […]