Hear from some of our clients:

“In thinking about what you have been able to do over the past three years, I am really amazed at our progress. Through your efforts, we have gotten total control of the finances of the Foundation. You have been instrumental in:

  • Helping us to put together our Operating Budget for the past three years;
  • On a monthly basis, our Finance Committee is seeing up to date Financial Reporting that is accurate and shown against our plans;
  • You have set up the necessary Internal Controls to assure that our Funds are being spend wisely and in accordance with our overall mission;
  • You have successfully worked with our Outside Auditors to finalize our Annual Audits and to garner an Unqualified Opinion for the Foundation for all three years when you have been responsible;
  • Finally, you have brought a financial discipline that was lacking for our Foundation and because of this discipline; great comfort comes to not only the Finance Committee members but for the full Board as well;

As Chair of the Finance Committee, I just want to thank you for all your hard work on behalf of the QVCC Foundation.”

~ Steven Townsend, QVCC Foundation, Brooklyn, CT

“I had the privilege of working with Carla Demers for several years in my role as Finance Chairman for a regional foundation. We were faced with cleaning up an accounting quagmire and Carla was instrumental in reorganizing our files, developing and implementing accounting policies and providing the kind of expertise that was critical for a successful transition. I don’t know what we would have done without her.”

Donald St.Onge, M.S., RN, Practice Administrator, The Center For Bone & Joint Care

“Turning my accounting over to Demers Accounting Services gave me peace of mind and removed a burden so I could focus on the work I do best. Carla Demers has always provided me with excellent service and I am fully informed of where my business stands at all times. It was a great relief to find a company so trustworthy and reliable!”

~ Lesley Ingves, Life Success Coach and owner of Clear Pathway, LLC.